If You Use an iPhone, You'll Want to Read About this Costly New Scam Tricking Users

August 13, 2017Aug 13, 2017

In recent years, people across the globe have been more connected than ever. In America, millions of people use their cell phones to message with friends, browse the internet, and to take pictures.

There are many different cell phone options for people. However, for users who have an iPhone, one tricky new scam is proving to be very costly.

According to news reports, the scam tricks people into giving up their Apple passwords and other confidential information. The scammers are targeting people who have reported their phones as lost.


The scammers then send a text to the users claiming to have found their old phone. In the text message, the scammers ask users to follow a link and input their Apple information, including passwords. However, the website people are putting their information into is a fake site.


"I get a text message claiming that they were from Apple Support, that they found my iPhone," a victim recalled. "So I clicked on the link and it looks like it's the Apple iCloud login information, but the URL at the top really didn't look like it was from Apple."

People are being asked to raise their awareness for any such emails or sites. The URL the scammers use typically ends in “xyz”, not “icloud.com” like Apple’s.

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