If You’re Planning to Let Your Child Watch the Solar Eclipse, Read These Warnings

August 19, 2017Aug 19, 2017

On Monday, August 21st, a total solar eclipse will be visible in the United States. People all over the country are excited for the rare event, where the moon will completely cover the sun and darken the sky during the daytime.

In the midst of the excitement, agencies have issued various warnings regarding the eclipse including travel warnings and warnings in relation to faith and religion. Most importantly, people are very concerned about those watching the eclipse to have proper eye protection, since certain glasses are not NASA approved and may possibly result in vision damage.

As far as eye protection, authorities and families are very concerned about children, especially younger children. Certain schools across the nation have cancelled classes and encouraged parents to keep their children inside during the time frame of the eclipse all together.

Young kids may be tempted to take off the eyeglasses to get a better look at the unique sighting. In a school’s letter to parents published by Fox News, the importance of your child having special purpose solar filters or “eclipse glasses” is strongly emphasized, if you choose to keep them outside during the event.

Be sure to discuss with your child that serious consequences are in order if they take off their glasses. Also, keep a very close eye on them during the time of the eclipse and bring them inside immediately if they seem ancy or tempted to take off their glasses.

An eye care professional went into further details about the dangers during the eclipse, specifically for kids, in a Facebook post that went viral. Read his thoughts below.

Your family can still greatly enjoy this experience together by being safe, aware, and careful. If your family does decide to watch the eclipse, please take the mentioned precautions seriously to keep you and your children safe.

Please share this important information with friends and family. To see what time the eclipse is occurring in your area and more information on the path of totality, read our other article here. Thank you!

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