If You Haven't Seen This 'Rocky' Baby Video Yet, WATCH It Now!

July 13, 2016Jul 13, 2016

"Rocky II" isn't exactly a kids' movie, but there's one scene 2-year-old Charlie Magilavy of Streetsboro, Ohio is allowed to watch. Over and over again.

According to TODAY, Charlie's dad Zack says his young son absolutely loves Sylvester Stallone's training montage in the boxing movie and imitates it almost to perfection.

Zach told TODAY, "We figured he gets a little exercise and has a good time. He's funny. He'll watch the running montage from a Rocky movie and then start running laps around the house for 15 minutes. "For the last eight or nine months, he asked us once a day if he can watch it. Over time he started doing one move here and one move there until he had the whole routine down."

Stallone himself gave Charlie kudos on Twitter: