If You Drive a Honda, You Should Know About Their Latest Recall

December 21, 2017Dec 21, 2017

Some of the most popular cars in the world are manufactured by the auto-giant known as Honda. Around the globe, thousands of people love to drive these cars.

Some people like their size and reliability. Others feel they are affordable options in a world where auto expenses seem to be on the rise.

While the cars are extremely reliable and comfortable, they are not immune to problems. Now, a new recall has just hit the market and drivers are being asked to check and see if it effects their particular car.

"Honda has announced a product recall for the MPV (2014-2017 YM) and sedan (2013-2016 YM), and it is due to a battery sensor failure and defective door mirror component," according to reports.



"The battery sensor failure issue is due to inaccurate forming on the printed circuit board (PCB) in the battery sensor during its production process. This may cause an electrical short circuit of the sensor, and the possibility of smoke coming from the hood or in the worst case, a fire. The defective door mirror component is due to inconsistent surface treatment of the movable contact area inside the door mirror retracting switch, which may cause the affected door mirror to retract during driving or parking," read the announcement.


The recall is affecting Accords and Odysseys between 2013 and 2016. If you drive one of these vehicles, please bring it to your local dealer for an inspection and to fix the issue.

Let us know if you drive one of these! Also, read our breaking news article about a massive Amber Alert that is now underway.

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