If Hillary Actually Has Neurological Disorder, How Would That Affect Presidency?

October 19, 2016Oct 19, 2016

Dr. Ted Noel has done extensive analysis of Hillary Clinton's health issues as displayed on camera and concluded that there is a huge amount of information pointing towards a serious, neurological disease, likely Parkinson's. Even WikiLeaks is exposing it. In his newest video, he clearly explains why Parkinson's is more than a physical disability and how seriously it would affect her presidency if she suffers from it.

Key phrase: "A President Parkinson is America's worst nightmare, and it has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Such a mentally disabled president has the ability to do unimaginable harm, and there's no medical way treat or prevent the derangement."

Haven't watched Dr. Noel's earlier videos describing Hillary's signs of Parkinson's? Watch his brief roundup below: