If Bernie Were President Illegal Immigrants Would Benefit From THIS Law

October 04, 2015Oct 04, 2015

Bernie Sanders recently took an opportunity to boost his exposure to Latinos throughout the country and win them over.  He met with the 26 members of congress that make up the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.


According to the Washington Post, Sanders told that caucus that he wants to extend Obamacare to the people who are in the country illegally.

To be fair, Sanders is not supporting federal subsidies for illegal immigrants.  They would have to pay into the program with their own money.  But he is missing the bigger point, which is that those people are in the country illegally.  Offering them entrance into the program legitimizes their illegal actions.

According to another democrat, Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, allowing illegal immigrants to partake in Obamacare would bring millions of younger and healthier people into the patient pool which should in theory lower the premiums for those already enrolled.

Sanders' ideas might be a hard sell to the public as people are still reeling from the broken promises of the current president.  Obamacare was largely forced onto the people of this country through promises that nothing would change for the people who liked their current plans and that people’s premiums would decline.  While millions rejoiced at receiving healthcare, the majority of people are angry that their insurance premiums have skyrocketed and/or affected their jobs.

The real reason for this proposal might be to help prop up the president’s failing law.  It was reported earlier this week on the New York Post that another large Obamacare insurance Co-op is shutting down due to it losing money at an alarming rate, a lot of it being tax-payer money.  Across this country 21 out of the 23 co-ops are either shut down or are losing money.  The only way for the Democrats to save their prized healthcare initiative may be to prop it up with the support of illegal immigrants.

Do you agree with Sanders’ proposal?  Or do you think this is an attempt to save a failing law?