Idris Elba Officially Confirms If He'll Be the Next 007 Star of James Bond Film

August 22, 2018Aug 22, 2018

One of the most iconic films, and movie series, of all time is the James Bond franchise. The films have spanned generations and fans across the globe love watching the spy thrillers.

James Bond himself is an iconic character and is always portrayed as being smooth and sophisticated. Over the years, numerous actors have filled the legendary role.

Now, Idris Elba is opening up about rumors that he will be the next 007! Many fans are thrilled at the thought of Idris playing Bond.

"After almost a decade of rumors that Idris Elba was in line to play 007, the speculation recently ramped up once again and was even fueled by the 45-year-old actor on social media. But, at Tuesday’s premiere for his directorial debut Yardie, Elba definitively said he won’t be Daniel Craig’s successor," reported EW.

Lots of fans are let down by the news that Elba has officially said he is not going to be the next Bond star. However, who knows if he will play in any Bond films in the future! His career is bright and he would make an excellent choice for Bond.

"And while Elba won’t portray Bond, fans will still get to see him as a popular British law enforcement character. Later this year, the actor returns for the fifth installment of Luther, the BBC series that has earned him four Emmy nominations," wrote the EW.

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