Idris Elba Plans To “Lean Away From Acting” To Focus On Music Career: Some Will Love It And Some Will Hate It

Idris Elba Plans To “Lean Away From Acting” To Focus On Music Career: Some Will Love It And Some Will Hate It

Idris ElbaHe is ready and willing to put all his efforts into his music career.

In a recent interview, 49 years-old actor and DJ discussed his career. Idris Elba said he’s hoping to step away from acting in the upcoming years in order to fully focus on making music.

Idris Elba

After playing a DJ on Netflix’s Charlie!, performing at Coachella in 2019, serving as DJ for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’sWedding reception The more they fall, the harder they fallstar Idris Elba is ready to let his acting career take a backseat to music making, as he said being a DJ has been a lifelong dream of  his.

Speaking of the transition Idris stated:

“Some may think, ‘Well, it will be the death of your acting if your music’s s—.’ I’ve dealt with the internal struggle of that over the years. So now I’m at peace and I’ve chosen: This is what I’m doing, and I’m going to do it.

He continued:

“Some will love it and some will hate it.”

Idris Elba

Although it has been reported many times that IDrisThe star actor was in talks to play the next James Bond role. He spoke out about the difficulties involved in making movies and music. Comparing it to making a soufflé and building a brick wall.

The actor said:

“The thing about making music is it’s a very consuming process. It’s very difficult to shoot a movie and then go off into the studio or make a song. It’s like trying to build a soufflé while making a brick wall.”

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Idris Elba

This is not the only time that this has been done. Sonic The HedgehogStar has spoken out about giving up acting to pursue music. In 2013, star spoke out in an interview. Idris stated:

“This year, I’m not going to work as an actor and I’m going to put my mind into music. It’s a progression thing with me. I want to make music but I don’t want to shove it down people’s throats. I’m just beginning to get to know myself as an actor. But I do it from the heart, I’m not doing it for money — I just enjoy doing it.”

IdrisAlready scheduled to reprise his role of Knuckles for the third installment Sonic The HedgehogThe series includes a spinoff and a movie franchise based on the video game. It’s unclear whether Idris will take the iconic James Bond role if it’s offered to him.


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