Idina Menzel: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

Idina Menzel
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“Into the Unknown”! Broadway icon and FrozenStar Idina MenzelOnly let Us WeeklyIn on some WickedThese are some of the most fun facts about her that even her biggest fans may not have known.

She was a Tony winner for many decades before she had a huge hit with the public. Frozen franchise, the actress was trying to make a name for herself by singing at various celebrations — and lying about her age.

“I used to [sing] at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs,” the Glee alum tells Use, noting that she “lied about my age as a teenager so I could perform.”

In 1995, she got her big break by playing the role of Maureen. RentMenzel married her costar. Taye Diggs2003 2003. Enchanted actress’ star was able to take her career to new heights as she went on to star as Elphaba in Wicked and land the role of Elsa in 2013’s animated Disney blockbuster Frozen.

Although Menzel and Diggs split in 2014, Walker, their 12-year-old son, is still the responsibility of both of them. Her son is now a preteen but she CinderellaStar admits to Use that she “still like[s] to hold him like a baby when he sleeps.” She also built him the treehouse of her dreams — the one she “always wished I had as a kid.”

When she’s not parenting her son, relaxing with husband Aaron LohrMenzel is looking for her next career move. “My dream duet is with [U2]Frontman Bono,” she tells Use, adding that her favorite song to sing in the shower is Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”

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1. I’m actually Dr. Idina Menzel. I hold an honorary Doctorate for Fine Arts.

2. I used to [sing]at weddings or Bar Mitzvahs.

3. To be able to perform, I lied about my teenage age.

4. My favorite song to sing in the shower is “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston, sung in the same key.

5. Walker is 12 years old, but I still love to hold him as a baby when he’s sleeping.

6. I make a good pancake.

7. I built the treehouse for my son that I wished I had when I was a child.

Idina Menzel 25 Things 3 Tree House
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8. My favorite movie is The Black Stallion.

9. I’m ambidextrous.

10. I don’t like wet kisses … unless they’re from my dog, Louie.

11. I’ve got to have a Diet Coke if I’m eating popcorn.

12. I have recurring nightmares that I haven’t graduated from college and that my teeth are falling out.

13. My dream duet partner is [U2 frontman] Bono.

14. My favorite car, a 1988 Mercedes convertible, is baby blue.

15. I got married [to my husband of four years, Aaron Lohr]In my backyard.

16. The album that I first owned was The A Star Is Born [soundtrack]By Barbra Streisand Kris Kristofferson.

Idina Menzel 25 Things 2 A Star Is Born Kris Kristofferson Barbra Streisand

17. I can fall asleep almost anywhere.

18. I don’t have any tattoos.

19. I’m very competitive.

20. I have to watch what I say at my son’s basketball games.

21. I love breakfast for dinner.

22. I love to dip my buttered bagel into my coffee.

23. I’d rather be on my couch than on a red carpet.

24. My favorite TV series is TThe West Wing.

25. Idina Menzel inspired Encore to be a clothing line. I saw how well-dressed the other moms were at school dropoff.

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