Identity Of Suspect In Deadly Sweden Terror Attack Released; And He Admits It

April 08, 2017Apr 08, 2017

Authorities in Sweden have released details into the identity of a man they arrested who claims he was behind the deadly truck attack in Stockholm on Friday.

According to CNN, a delivery truck was hijacked, driven into a group of pedestrians, and came to rest in front of a department store. 4 people died and fifteen were injured.

While not naming the suspect they have arrested, investigators did say that he was a 39-year-old man from central Uzbekistan, a country that is 96% Muslim.

They are also acknowledging that he was someone known to authorities but are not commenting on if he had connections to ISIS or other forms of Islamic extremism.

But an investigation of what was inside the truck reveals that the attack may have been intended to be far more deadly.

Swedish Police Chief Dan Eliasson said, "We confirm that we have found a device in the truck that doesn't belong there. We are now investigating its content. Whether this was a classic bomb or some sort of flammable device is now a matter for our analysis."

The device reportedly did not detonate properly.

"We do not know whether there are further persons involved in this act or not," Eliasson said. "But we are not excluding that. We are still working on a very comprehensive approach to see whether there is any possibility that further individuals are involved."

The truck attack bears similarities to deadly vehicle attacks by radical Muslims in England, Germany, Ohio, and France over the past year.

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