Identity Of Passenger Dragged Off United Flight Revealed, And It’s Truly Shocking

April 11, 2017Apr 11, 2017

United Airlines sparked international outrage this week after it decided to remove four passengers from a flight Sunday evening after no one took the $800 incentive to take another flight. The incident turned into a viral sensation after video captured one of the passengers, a “Chinese” man, resisting security officers and getting dragged, bleeding down the plane’s aisle.

But now the identity of that man has been released, and it’s certainly adding a new element to the worldwide debate that this incident has ignited.

According to Louisville’s Courier-Journal, Dr. David Dao is from Vietnam, not China, and has a Vietnamese surname. The Associated Press also confirmed his identity.

This is notable because, according to the Washington Post, witness Tyler Bridges says Dao accused the airline of selecting him for removal from the plane because he’s Chinese.

The incident has possibly created more outrage in China than the U.S. because of that, according to the Post.

But far more shocking is pulmonologist Dao’s deeply disturbing medical history.

According to the Wave 3 News, the Elizabethtown, Ky. doctor previously faced 98 felony drug charges for illegally trafficking and prescribing painkillers.

The Courier confirms that Dao was convicted on multiple counts and gave up his license after being placed on probation in 2005.

He had his license restored by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure in 2015 but may have lost it again recently while fighting accusations that he was having affair with a patient in exchange for providing him with drugs, according to the New York Post.

A third shocking revelation Tuesday is that Dao’s wife was also one of the four passengers randomly selected to be booted off the flight. She left voluntarily, leaving him behind while he sought to fight things out with airline employees and security officers.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz stands by his employees, saying they handled the situation the way they were supposed to. The Chicago Department of Aviation has placed the officer who dragged Dao out of his seat on leave and says he did not act according to standard operating procedure.

Meanwhile, United lost $1 billion in market value after their shares dropped Tuesday, according to CNN Money.

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