Identity of One Victim in Mississippi Plane Crash Released

July 12, 2017Jul 12, 2017

On the evening of Monday July 10th, a plane crash occurred north of Jackson, Mississippi, killing 16 service members. The aircraft had taken off from the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina and was traveling over Mississippi. At that time, the plane went missing from radar.

An investigation is currently ongoing to determine exactly what caused the plane crash. According to ABC News, officials are in the process of ‘combing the fields’ to search for clues that can reveal what led to the tragedy.

Initially, Military officials declined to release the identities of the 16 killed service members. However, the victims’ families have officially been notified and a full roster of the fallen men will reportedly be released at a later time.

One victim has already been identified and released to the public. A local Jacksonville, Florida news source posted the information on Tuesday, July 12th after his family was notified.

His name was Joseph Murray and was only 26 years old. The young man was based in North Carolina, where his wife and four children reside. News4Jax reports the family referred to him as a “hero, inspiration, and loving father.”

Please join us in prayer for the families of these heroes that were lost. They will be remembered for serving our country and missed dearly.

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