Identity of American Victim Killed in Brutal Hotel Terror Attack Revealed

January 26, 2018Jan 26, 2018

Over the weekend, a vicious terror attack took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Afghan capital. Kabul’s famous hotel was attacked by Taliban militants who were wearing suicide vests.

Initial reports said that 18 people, both locals and foreigners, were killed. The latest reports, however, say that 22 people total were killed, including 14 foreigners and “multiple Americans.”

During the siege, over 150 people fled the building as several of the areas of the structure caught on fire. Many people escaped by tying bed sheets together and climbing out of windows. One man cut open his mattress and hid inside of that until there was relief.

Now, more information has been revealed about the Americans who were killed in the attack. Reportedly, there were four Americans who died and two others who were injured.

While three of the Americans have not yet been identified, one of them has been confirmed as public relations executive Glenn Selig.

Selig was a 49-year-old who previously served as a spokesman for a former Trump campaign aid. His firm, Selig Multimedia Inc., was in Kabul to work on a project that emphasized the triumphs that Afghanistan had experienced over extremism.

Selig Multimedia said, “Glenn was a tireless professional, loyal friend and pillar of the community, but most importantly he was a loving husband and wonderful father. The loss for his family and friends cannot be measured nor conveyed strongly enough, but we thank everyone for the outpouring of support we have received.”

Before public relations, Selig was a television news anchor and a part of the team at Fox Tampa. Additionally, he used to be a spokesman for former Trump adviser Rick Gates who was indicted last year over money-laundering.

Over the years, Selig worked with several politicians in public relations matters. Lobbyist Jack Burkman, a friend and coworker of Selig’s, said that the public relations exec said that there would be plenty of security on the Afghanistan trip. Sadly, the security was overtaken by the six heavily-armed militants who stormed the hotel.

Please be praying for Selig’s family during this tragic time and for the families and friends of the other unknown victims. We will continue to update information as it is released. In other recent news, an actor of a popular kid's show just died at only 52 years old.

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