Identities Released of London Bridge Terrorists

June 05, 2017Jun 05, 2017

Another tragic, terrorist attack occurred on Saturday at the famous, London Bridge. Three men crashed a van, mowing down multiple pedestrians, then began stabbing people and shouting ‘This is for Allah!’. All three men were shot and killed by officers on-scene.

The Metropolitan Police website released photos and names of the first two suspects on Monday.

Rachid Redouane (right), age 30, claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan. Khuram Shazad Butt (left), age 27, was originally from Pakistan, but was a British citizen. He frequently went by another name, Rachid Elkhdar. 

Authorities confirmed that Butt was involved in an extremist group that supports ISIS; friends and family were very concerned about his behavior before the London Bridge attack. NBC News reports that previously, he was reported to the police for 'radicalizing children' and other abnormal behavior to promote the Muslim religion. 

The third attacker was identified on Tuesday. Youssef Zaghba, age 22, was from east London and was not a person-of-interest prior to the attack.

In response to the terror attack, the Prime Minister released a statement confirming that counterterrorism strategies will be reevaluated in order to prevent future attacks. President Donald Trump of the United States also expressed his support to the U.K.

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Please continue to pray for the victims of the attack. Read more about the London Bridge attacks on our website. Thank you!