Idaho Teenager Makes Thousands Off Seattle Snow in Remarkable Way

February 20, 2019Feb 20, 2019

An Idaho teenager made bank in a very ingenious way during Seattle's recent snowstorm. He took advantage of the situation and made about $35,000 by plowing snow.

David Holsten, 18, told the news that he was already in the city visiting his mother, who was there recovering from a major operation, when the snow was about to hit.

A friend notified him that a snowstorm was headed his way, so Holston decided to go home and grab his truck and snow plow before returning to be with his mother for her birthday.

“I was in the hospital when my friend Steve called me and gave me the idea of bringing my plow truck to Seattle,” Holston told CNN. “I figured I would just bring my plow and if I picked up a job great, and if I didn’t it would still be ok."

The snowstorm crippled the area, dropping around 8 inches across Seattle. Some areas of Western Washington received even more snow.

Tens of thousands of people were left without power. The fourth snowstorm on February 12 dumped more snow across the region. The storms added up to make February the snowiest month in more than 50 years.

The snow caused cancellations of classes and meetings at several universities, including the University of Washington in Seattle and Washington State University in Pullman.

After about a week, Holsten had accumulated the $35,000. But that money didn't come easy; his days started around 2 a.m. and included a commercial loop, which included warehouses, parking lots, and other businesses.

He'd posted an ad on Craigslist, so he didn't lack for customers the rest of the day. All day he got new business, including calls from homeowners.

“I’m getting calls every five minutes so I can’t answer them all,” Holston told KUOW. “I put them on speakerphone and talk to them while I’m plowing.”

“After the [birthday] party, I hit the road with jobs lined up until midnight. All during that time, I was answering my phone and adding new customers to my snow route for Monday,” he told CNN.

Holston charged rates of $500 to $750 an hour. In Idaho, he typically makes $100 an hour. He worked about 12-15 hours each day.

Holston said he plans on donating 20 percent of his earnings to his church. He also plans on buying some lawn equipment. The rest will go toward his first house.

He gave thanks to God for his good fortune.

“The Lord blessed me with the money for the sole purpose of advancing his kingdom. All of the glory goes to God!” he said.