Iconic Zoo Animal Put to Sleep After Child Hits It with a Rock

May 22, 2019May 22, 2019

Zoos offer visitors a wonderful opportunity to view wildlife up close. Many animals that live inside a zoo are so unique that some people would otherwise never get the chance to see them.

However, a terribly tragic story has just been reported from a zoo in Illinois. Zoo officials had to euthanize one of their animals after a child threw a rock and injured it.

The Miller Park Zoo is reporting the incident. They say a child hit a flamingo and broke the leg of the creature. They determined the bets course of action was to put it to sleep.

"Jay Tetzloff, the city’s director of parks, recreation and cultural arts, told Fox News on Wednesday that the child, who has not been publicly identified at this time, 'accidentally injured the flamingo on Monday by skipping a rock into the habitat.' The rock struck one of the bird’s legs, breaking it. After examining the animal, zoo staff 'determined the best course of action' was to euthanize it,' he added."

The zoo is home to 25 flamingos, though they have just lost one. The animals live in an enclosure close to the entrance of the attraction. Officials at this time don't speculate they'll be moving the creatures.

"A similar incident occurred in 2017 when a 19-year-old man threw a rock at a flamingo at an amusement park in Florida. He was later arrested on animal cruelty charges, the Tampa Bay Times reported at the time," reported Fox.

Please join us in spreading this news. We ask for everyone to always respect animals! This is horribly tragic.

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