Iconic Singer Sued for $3 Million In Midst of Ongoing Legal Battle

January 19, 2018Jan 19, 2018

On Friday, news emerged that legendary singer Mariah Carey is being sued for a significant $3 million. The lawsuit follows an ongoing battle with a concert promoter in South America.

Carey’s battle with FEG Entretenimientos began in October of 2016 when the singer accused the promoter of not following through with their contract. Carey was scheduled to perform twice in South America as a part of her tour.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Carey claimed that FEG did not pay her in full by the agreed upon date in the contract. Because of that, she canceled her performances in Argentina and Chile.

Carey posted to Twitter to talk about the show cancellations:


Last January, Carey decided to sue FEG over the breach of contract. Now, however, the promoter has opted to countersue the singer for $3 million.

FEG is suing Carey, citing breach of contract and defamation. According to The Guardian, FEG claims that the singer had to give 48 hours notice before terminating the agreement so that they would have adequate time to fix a problem. However, they said that Carey ended the contract only three days before her shows.

Attorney Robert Allen said, "Carey’s unilateral cancellation of the Argentina and Chile Performances — a mere three days prior to the Argentina Performance and less than a week before the Chile Performance — constituted material breaches of her obligations under each of the Tour Agreements."

FEG also called the Twitter post that Carey made “false and defamatory.” The promoter says that the singer canceled the shows due to low ticket sales and not for the reason that she claimed. Additionally, they said that they had not heard about the cancellation before she posted about it on social media.

Thus far, Mariah Carey has not responded to the public news of the countersuit. We will update here when we have more information! In other recent news, devastating photos were just released of the 13 siblings held captive.

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