Iconic Musician Dies After Falling Down Flight of Stairs at Age 61

December 19, 2017Dec 19, 2017

The world has just lost an acclaimed instrumentalist and performer. It was recently reported that Ralph Carney has passed away.

Carney as 61-years-old at the time of his death. He is most well known for being a musician and saxophone player. It was also reported that he died after falling down a flight of stairs at his home.

Most recently, Carney was living in Portland, Oregon. After falling down the stairs, he was transported to a local hospital. While surrounded by friends and loved ones, he went home to the Lord.



"Today my uncle @ralph_carney passed away," he tweeted. "I hope everybody is lucky enough to have someone as special as Ralph in their lives at some point. He taught me so much... he sat me down at 15 and made me listen to the Shaggs. We all need an uncle like that."

Carney was originally from Akron, Ohio. He was known around the music industry for his unique style or artistry and for being passionate about his creations.


"The music he made was incredible because it could be really bizarre and very deep and yet very fun," Patrick Carney told the Plain Dealer. "When I was 16, I visited him when he was living in San Francisco and he introduced to the weirdest kinds of music, the most esoteric. And then I would send him some things I would make that were really out there and he would write me these long letters and would be so encouraging... He taught me to love weird music."

What do you think about this? Please join us in praying for his family and friends during this tragic time. Also, be sure to read our breaking news story about the famous celebrity who was its found dead at home.

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