Iconic Football Coach Calls Timeout and Retires During 4th Quarter

October 31, 2018Oct 31, 2018

An amazing story just unfolded recently on the football field. A legendary coach called his final timeout to announce he was retiring!

"East Stroudsburg University Warriors head football coach Denny Douds, who has spent 53 seasons with the school’s program including 45 as head coach, is a legend for having the most wins of 'any active NCAA football coach,' WNEP reported. The coach has 264 wins throughout his career as head coach, Sports Illustrated reported. Saturday, he decided to retire in style," reported Fox News.

The event happened during a Pennsylvania college football game last Saturday. It is now making headlines around the nation! The coach is speaking out about his actions.

"I nudged the official in front of me and I said, 'Sir, we are going to call a fourth timeout. I know that is illegal, you're going to penalize it, but that's OK. I am retiring,’” Douds told WNEP. “I called timeout with four seconds to go, blew the whistle, the kids came in and I told them this is what we are doing.”

While it may be unusual, it appears it was the perfect way for this particular coach to end his career! He even said he had no regrets as he left that night!

"I told my wife when I leave the stadium, I am going to tip my hat and say, 'I love ya.' I tipped my hat, walked to the car, and smiled all the way home," he said.

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