Iconic American Statue Defaced by Criminals Hours After Real-Life Man Passes Away

February 19, 2019Feb 19, 2019

One of the most famous statues in history depicts a Navy military man kissing a nurse as the end of World War II was announced. The iconic image is extremely famous and has been seen around the world.

Now, police in Florida are on the hunt for suspects after the famous statue was vandalized. Criminals illegally spray painted "#MeToo" on the side of the statue.

"According to CBS, the vandalism was reported the day after the sailor depicted in the photo, George Mendonsa, died at the age of 95. Police said they received the call about the vandalism just before 1 a.m. and discovered the words '#MeToo' – the hashtag for the movement against harassment and sexual assault – spray-painted in red along the nurse’s entire left leg," reported PEOPLE.

Sadly, investigators say they do not have surveillance footage of the statue. Finding out who vandalized the art could prove very challenging.

“Unfortunately we were not able to locate any surveillance cameras in the area,” Sarasota Police Department PIO Genevieve Judge tells PEOPLE. “It is an iconic statue in Sarasota. It is sad that it happened. We are hoping someone saw something or heard someone bragging about it and come forward and let us know.”

The damage, which was estimated at around $1,000, has since been cleaned off the statue. While it isn't ruined, it is highly disrespectful, especially since the man in the image passed away this week.

"The black and white photograph taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt of Mendonsa swooping in to kiss dental assistant Greta Zimmer Friedman on the day Japan surrendered to the United States on Aug. 14, 1945, became one of the most well-known photos of the 20th Century," according to CBS.

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