I Was Detained by Police After Wellness Check

Gabbie Hanna
Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock

Her story is shared. Gabbie HannaAfter TikTok’s star was checked by police, she broke her silence.

“So right before the cops busted in my back door — all on camera and documented, obviously — they came in and did a quick little search,” Hanna, 31, said in a Thursday, August 25, TikTok video. “I came down the stairs [and] they wouldn’t tell me why I was being detained, they cuffed me and then they demanded that I drink water.”

While the YouTube personality told the police officers that she “didn’t want any,” they insisted that she comply with their order — with her hands still handcuffed behind her back.

“[After I took a sip], they said, ‘No, more water.’ So, I spilled a little on my chest and [one of the officers] put his hand on his f—king hip as if he was going to shoot me,” she alleged. “And he said, ‘I said, drink the water, don’t spill the water on yourself.’ I said, ‘Officer, I’m in my own home [and] I like the water’s feeling on my body. Why is it so scary that I just put water onto my chest? … I’m in my own home with my hands f—king cuffed behind my back with five bullies with guns illegally searching and detaining me with no answers at all.’”


♬ original sound – Trauma Queen

Hanna further noted that the officers “wouldn’t let me do anything else” during the remainder of their search, claiming they “mocked” when she attempted to speak.

“Why don’t you, the Los Angeles Police Department, tell America what is the definition of civics? Do you believe you’ve met your civic duty when you broke in, did an illegal search and cuffed me?” she continued in her TikTok video, recalling that she told the officers she had cameras “everywhere” and was recording their interactions. Hanna also captioned her TikTok sound, “Trauma Queen.”

Us Weekly confirmed several hours earlier that the LAPD was dispatched to the “Out Loud” singer’s home after a series of bizarre videos were uploaded onto her social media pages. Nearly 100 TikTok clips contained footage of Hanna screaming, laughing, and talking to death.

“Yesterday at 9:03 a.m. officers received a radio call of a welfare check,” a spokesperson for the police force told Use in a statement on Thursday. “Officers made contact with the subject and requested the mental evaluation unit (which consists of a psychiatrist and an officer) due to the nature of the evaluation unit. The mental evaluation unit interviewed the subject and determined she did not meet the requirements for a 5150 hold.”

Hanna, who is bipolar disorder diagnosed, was previously the subject to a similar visit just one year before.

“The police just came for a wellness check and I answered the door stoned, covered in paint, and wearing only my underwear and a ‘make sure your friends are okay’ t-shirt,” the Pennsylvania native wrote in a now-deleted July 2021 tweet. “I can’t believe they didn’t take me away.”