‘I Have No Purpose’ Amid Drama With My Sons

Britney Spears: 'A Huge Part of Me' Has Died Amid Sons' Estrangement, Family Drama

Britney Spears.
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Sharing her heartbreak. Britney SpearsShe is devastated by her broken relationship with her teenage sons.

“Since they’ve been gone, I’ve honestly felt like a huge part of me has died,” the “…Baby One More Time” singer, 40, said via Instagram on Saturday, September 10, in a series of since-deleted audio clips. “Like, literally, I have no purpose anymore. They were my joy, they were everything. They were always a joy to see. That was what I lived for.”

Spears’ emotional confession is just the latest in her war of words with her family, with whom she has been publicly feuding since the termination of her 13-year conservatorship in November 2021. The Grammy winner shares sons Jayden (16 years old) and Preston (17 on Wednesday, September 14th). Jayden is 16 with her ex-husband. Kevin FederlineAfter clapping back at him about his comments about her, he specifically apologized to her youngest son.

“All I know is my love for my children is more than anything and I’m sorry if I ever hurt you guys in any way,” the “Toxic” artist added on Saturday, explaining that her retorts were meant for her father, Jamie SpearsShe was presided over her controversial conservatorship for more that a decade.

In an ITV interview that aired earlier this month, Jayden said of his mom: “I just want her to get better mentally. When she gets better, I really want to see her again.” (Federline, 44, revealed in his 60 Minutes Australia interview on September 4 that the boys haven’t seen Spears in “a few months.”)

2019 Britney Spears Ups and Downs With Sons Preston and Jayden Through the Years
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In response her youngest son’s remarks, Spears hit back in a since-deleted Instagram audio clip on September 5. “So Jayden, as you undermine my behavior just like my whole family always has with ‘I hope she gets better, I will pray for her’ — pray for what?” she asked.

It’s been a very intense month for the Spears/Federline family. Their barbs against one another have only gotten more heated over time.

Jayden claimed earlier this month that he had the Daily MailWhile they were growing up, his mom favored him more than his older brother.

“I think Mom has struggled giving us both attention and showing us equal love and I don’t think she showed enough to Preston and I feel really bad for that,” Jayden told the outlet at the time. “We’ve both been through so much pressure in the past that this is our safe place now, to process all the emotional trauma we’ve been through to heal, heal our mental state.”

Federline — who was married to Spears from 2004 to 2007 — explained in his 60 Minutes Australia interview why he didn’t intervene with her conservatorship, which he also claimed “saved her life.”

“I was mortified for her. I really was,” the former backup dancer shared, claiming that Preston and Jayden were the reason he couldn’t step in to help the CrossroadsIn any way. “I had to worry about them. I couldn’t get involved.”

Spears has frequently detailed the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of her father during their conservatorship — even claiming that she was forced to go on birth control and psychiatric medications against her will. The pop star expressed disappointment in her current relationship with her children, who chose not to attend her summer marriage. Sam Asghari.

“He stopped seeing me,” the “Circus” singer said on September 2 via Instagram of son Preston. “I posted something of him, but he got really mad so unfortunately, I haven’t been able to post my loving family.”

Though she claimed in her most recent video that both of her kids have “blocked me” on social platforms, she is choosing to use her voice in hopes of reaching them. Spears sent birthday wishes in one of her Saturday audio clips to both boys, expressing her hopes that they would use the punching bags she bought and praising their efforts at the gym.