I Fall More in Love With Wife Brittany ‘Every Day’

Forever in love. Former NFL star Drew BreesHe was married to his wife. Brittany Brees, for almost 20 years — and their romance is still going strong.

“I consider myself very fortunate [and] very blessed to have met my wife in college,” the athlete, 43, said of Brittany, 43, while speaking with Us WeeklyThursday, July 21, in partnership avec Great Clips “To have gone into the NFL without a really solid relationship like that … I think it becomes harder and harder for guys as they progress through their career.”

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Drew began seeing his wife Brittany (née Dudchenko) in the late ‘90s while the pair were in college at Purdue University in Indiana. They got married in 2003 and had four kids: three sons, Baylen (13, Bowen, 11), Callen (9), and Rylen (7).

“I feel like my wife and I know each other so well and we balance each other out so well,” the former quarterback continued. “I can say this: I fall in love with my wife more every day and I find that I continue to pursue her every day. I don’t want to get complacent in a relationship or a marriage where it’s like every day’s groundhog day and getting the kids ready for school and this and that.”

The Dallas, Texas native was drafted into the NFL in 2001. He began his NFL career with the San Diego Chargers. After his departure from the California-based Saints in 2005, he joined the New Orleans Saints and led the Saints’ to their first and only Super Bowl win in 2010. Although the team never made it back to the Super Bowl in the wake of that win, he did earn them four NFC championships.

Drew was in his last NFL game on January 2021, when he faced off against a pal. Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the NFC championship and lost 30-20. Brady, 44, won his 7th Super Bowl title the following month.

Drew now spends his retirement time being a father and husband. “I try to surprise Brittany by taking her places or doing different things,” he shared with Us. “We go on hikes twice a week. That’s the one thing about retirement — I can actually spend some time with my wife during the day while the kids are at school.”

He loves spending time with his partner and caring for his four children. He enjoys taking his “wolf pack” to their various activities like flag football, baseball and martial arts, but he’s also gearing up for getting them ready for going back to school — and that includes a great haircut.

“[A fresh haircut] just gives you a lot of confidence and it’s a great father-son bonding experience as well,” the devoted dad noted while speaking of his campaign with Great Clips, which brought his three boys along for the ride. “My boys … really care about their hair [and] it’s a big source of confidence for them as they get ready for [going]It’s back to school. That’s why this campaign with Great Clips has been a lot of fun … being able to do that with my boys and share that experience with others. That’s an important father-son moment.”

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