Husband of Southwest Victim Speaks Out, Reveals Last Words His Wife Said to Him Before Being Sucked Out of Plane Window

April 25, 2018Apr 25, 2018

One week after his wife was killed on a Southwest Airlines plane, Michael Riordan is speaking out for the first time. According to NBC New York, he is expressing how he and his family are currently coping with this terrible and sudden loss. 

When speaking to NBC on Tuesday night, Michael Riordan claims that his wife will "be with us forever and everything we do as a family is going to be based on Jennifer Riordan." 

Rather than focusing on her death, the family has decided that they want to focus on Jennifer's incredible life — she was a wife of more than 20 years and was somebody who always tried to spread love and kindness wherever she was. The family claimed that she was always spreading loving text message to friends and family, and was always an inspirational figure in their lives. 

While continuing his life without Jennifer, Riordan claims that the couple's two children continue to encourage him and provide him with the strength necessary to continue. 

Amazingly, he claims not to be angry at the airline. And he isn't angry in general for what happened. Rather, he is trying to keep "love for her in my heart" and is trying to "stay strong for [his] children." 

According to Riordan, he isn't yet ready to speak publicly about the accident that killed his wife, and he doesn't desire to speak about the investigation that is currently underway. 

But he did reveal his final words to his wife, which were "I love you." 

"Our last conversation was that. She called just to say, 'I'm going to the airport,’ and we said, 'love you, safe travels,'" Riordan said.

NBC reports that on Sunday, hundreds of people turned out to remember Jennifer Riordan at service at Popejoy Hall on the University of New Mexico campus, which was her alma mater.

"She was the face of giving. If you were an idea or a dream that needed a little help, she was your gal. Her currency was compassion," said Albuquerque poet laureate Hakim Bellamy, who read an original poem at the memorial, according to NBC.

"The kind of kindness that folds like a hug like a laugh like her wings before she was so close to heaven that the angles recognized her and plucked her from the sky."

Her son, Joshua, claims that he had an "amazing mom." 

The family deeply misses her. Please pray for them as they endure this difficult time. 

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