Husband Kills Massive Grizzly Before Finding His Wife, 10-Month-Old Baby Mauled to Death Outside Cabin

November 28, 2018Nov 28, 2018

A tragic news story is breaking the hearts of readers across the world today. It's being reported that a man in Canada returned to his family cabin only to find his wife, and their infant child, mauled to death outside the home.

The family had been living in a remote cabin in Canada, near the Yukon border with the Northern Territory. A bear is being credited with attacking and killing the mother and her young daughter.

"The bodies of Valerie Theoret and her daughter, Adele Roesholt, were discovered around 3 p.m. Monday after the child’s father, Gjermund Roesholt, returned to the Yukon cabin in northwest Canada only to have a grizzly bear charge at him," CBC News reported.

The husband allegedly killed the grizzly as it charged him. The incident happened moments before he arrived back at his cabin where he found his wife and daughter.

"It appears they [Theoret and Adele] had been out for a walk when the incident occurred, sometime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.," the Yukon coroner’s office said in a news release.

The family had been at the remote location for around 90 days. They reportedly wanted to spend some time together while Valeria was on maternity leave.

"It was the plan all along to go there and spend a lot of time there, but Valerie couldn't really take a lot of time off because she was a teacher," Beaupre told the news site. "Being on her maternity leave, now was the opportunity for them to all go as a family. So they just took their baby and went out on the trap line.”

The family reportedly purchased the secluded cabin three years ago. Please join us in sending our deepest condolences and prayers to the friends and family members of these wonderful souls. We pray that peace and comfort will surround the husband as he deals with this tragic event.

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