Hurt And Angry After Kate And Oliver Hudson’s Betrayal

Kurt RussellAnd Goldie Hawn are as close as any married couple in tinsel town, yet rumors still abound over trouble at home Are they on good terms with Hawn’s kids OliverAnd Kate Hudson? Gossip Cop’s top Russell and Hawn rumor saw the two betrayed by the kids.

Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn’s Ferocious Feud

According to the Globe, Hawn and Russell’s family was getting ripped apart because Kate and Oliver Hudson decided to reconnect to their biological father, Bill Hudson. Kate and Oliver admitted on their podcast that Kate was thinking of her father: “We’ve got four siblings we don’t spend any time with.” Hawn was heartbroken at this betrayal, and a spy said Russell was “wounded to the core.”

An insider explained what could happen: “Kate and Oliver have been very clear that they want to forgive Bill, get to know his other kids, and let go of the bad blood that’s existed for most, if not all, of their adult lives.” They wanted to give their father a shot even if it meant hurting their mother.

If you actually study what Kate said, then you’d know she wasn’t really interested in reconnecting with Bill. Oliver and she were discussing their half-siblings now everyone is older. She said, ‘It would be nice to connect a little bit — especially with my sisters.” Since this didn’t fit the demented narrative the tabloid wanted, it was intentionally left out.

What happened next?

Considering just how close Kate and her mother are, it’s tough to imagine the family fracturing forever over this podcast. Sure enough, it didn’t. Hawn and Russell are still in the two’s lives. You can see that Kate and Hawn were spending the holidays together if you take a quick look at Instagram.

Kate recently opened up about Bill on Jessica Alba’s YouTube channel. She said her father’s rejection forced her to develop thicker skin, “When you grow up and a dad’s not around… my skin is so tough because nothing can reject me more than what I had to work through as a little kid.” It sure doesn’t sound like Kate and Bill Hudson have squared everything away.

Other Hudson Myths

2021 brought many rumors about Kate’s future. One report claimed she was planning a double marriage with Hawn, while another claimed she was having a baby with Danny Fujikawa. Kate and Fujikawa did get engaged, but the same can’t be said for Hudson and Russell.