Major Update as Hurricane Michael, One of Strongest Storms on Record, Makes Its Way to Other States

October 11, 2018Oct 11, 2018

Over the last few days, the East has been on high alert as Category 4 Hurricane Michael made its way to the mainland. When Michael made landfall through the Florida Panhandle, it was considered the worst storm in nearly a century to hit that area.

Moreover, in terms of wind, Michael was the fourth most powerful storm to ever make landfall anywhere in the U.S., according to chief meteorologist Rick Reichmuth. The storm reportedly was the third most powerful in terms of pressure.

Sadly, two people have been killed as a result of Hurricane Michael thus far, and the damage from the storm is continuing. According to CNN, after hitting Florida and Georgia,  the storm is now threatening the Carolinas.

Thankfully, on Thursday, Michael weakened to a tropical storm status. However, the effects that it could have on the Carolinas is still extremely dangerous. Michael could reportedly result in 4  to 7 inches of rain from eastern Georgia to southern mid-Atlantic and 9 inches of rain in areas of North Carolina and Virginia.

South Carolina Emergency Management Director Kim Stenson said,  “While we will not see the full force of Hurricane  Michael the way Florida will, we could see gusty winds, rain, flash flooding, and even tornadoes.”

As of Thursday morning, around 700,000 homes were left without power as a result from the storm.

We will continue to update as more information is revealed about Tropical Storm Michael. Meanwhile, please be praying for everyone in the storm’s path. Pray for safety and wisdom. In other recent news, Chief Justice Roberts just gave shocking news about Kavanaugh. People are now wondering if his Supreme Court seat hangs in a balance.