Hurricane Matthew Strengthens As Millions Evacuate, But Some Refuse To Leave

October 06, 2016Oct 06, 2016

Some people are mocking the barrage of dire warnings coming from Florida Gov. Rick Scott and other officials as they tell people that there is no reason for them to stay in the path of the oncoming Hurricane Matthew instead of fleeing, but millions of people in Florida, Georgia, and Carolinas have already obeyed the call to evacuate far inland.

The warnings have become even more poignant since the hurricane strengthened to a category 4, according to CBS Baltimore.

In North Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley made it clear that "not enough" people were being serious about evacuating, according to the Post and Courier.

Despite the persistent warnings from his own state, one resident in Cape Canaveral, Florida plans the ride out the storm in his 32-foot recreational vehicle parked half a mile from the beach.

“The hype is going to be worse than the actual storm," expressed long-time resident John Long. "I feel I can do quite well. There’s always tremendous buildup and then it’s no stronger than an afternoon thunderstorm. I’m not anticipating that much damage.

But Gov. Scott continues to send a different message, saying, “This is a dangerous storm. The storm has already killed people. We should expect the same impact in Florida.”

Haiti, which seems to get hit particularly hard by natural disasters due to its impoverished conditions, has already seen its death toll skyrocket to 108 in the aftermath of the then-weaker storm, according to the Miami Herald.

Photos from Cuba are showing devastation, although new deaths have been reported by state-run media, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Photos from the Bahamas already show destruction as it gets pummeled today.

Please pray for the safety of people still racing to evacuate and safety of first responders. Please pray for the people in the countries already heavily affected by this hurricane.