See the Crazy Footage of 'Life-Threatening Flash Floods' as Hurricane Lane Approaches

August 24, 2018Aug 24, 2018

Residents of Hawaii have been spending the last several days preparing for what was projected to be the worst hurricane to come near the islands since 1992. Hurricane Lane, which was at one point categorized as a level 5 storm, has already begun to wreak havoc on the Big Island.

President Trump declared a state of emergency for Hawaii leading up to the hurricane. Initially, it was unclear whether or not the hurricane would directly hit the land. However, weather officials noted that even if it simply passed by, its effects would be dramatically felt.

On Thursday, the National Weather Service revealed that the hurricane has turned into a tropical storm, but it is already beginning to cause a lot of damage. It is projected that dangerous amounts of rain, being reported anywhere between 19-30 inches, has or will fall. The number is only projected to increase as the storm moves closer. According to reports, 5 people have already been rescued from a flooded house.

Below is some of the craziest footage from the storm thus far, showing the "life-threatening flash floods." 

Please be praying for everyone affected by this storm. Pray that the storm would be redirected and for safety for everyone already experiencing it! Share your prayers here. In other recent news, a Hollywood heartthrob just penned an emotional tribute after the loss of a best friend.