Major Update on Category 5 Hurricane Lane, Prayers Desperately Needed

August 22, 2018Aug 22, 2018

On Tuesday morning, Hurricane Lane was making its way toward Hawaii and, with winds over 150 mph, was reported as a category 4 storm. Now, the conditions have worsened and it is being reported as a category 5 storm.

Over the last few days, Hawaii residents have been stocking up with water, toilet paper, and food as they prepare for the storm to come. The weather service warned residents of a hurricane watch in Oahu and Maui, as well as other smaller islands.

The National Weather Service revealed on late Tuesday night that Hurricane Lane had become a category 5 storm. At the time, the storm was about 500 miles southeast of Honolulu and would likely make its way in with winds over 157 mph.

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center said that the hurricane is “forecast to move dangerously close to the main Hawaiian islands as a hurricane later this week, potentially bringing damaging winds and life-threatening flash flooding from heavy rainfall.”

Some reports are saying that this is the closest storm of this magnitude to come near Hawaii and that the outcome could be extremely dangerous. Many are comparing it to Hurricane Iniki which devastated the islands in 1992.

At this point, meteorologist Gavin Shigesato said that there is “uncertainty” to the hurricane’s path. The weather service added that there is no way to “confidently determine” if Lane will directly hit Hawaii.

Regardless of whether or not there is a direct impact, Hurricane Lane will surely bring flash flooding and high surf as it would still move extremely close to the islands. The impact of the rainfall alone could be extremely damaging. Because of that, many schools and businesses will be shut down as of Wednesday until further notice.

Please continue praying for everyone on the islands during this time as they prepare for the storm to come. Pray that the storm would be redirected and would have little impact on Hawaii! We will continue to update here. Share your prayers! In other recent news, a deadly bacteria was just found in a popular lunch option and was recalled across 11+ states.