Hurricane Irma Intensifies to a Category 5, How Will This Impact the U.S.?

September 05, 2017Sep 05, 2017

The United States is still dealing with the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and parts of Louisiana. According to CBS News, over 60 people have died and additionally, hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses, and cars have been destroyed.

Thankfully, first responders and volunteers have given their time to help with cleanup/search and rescue, millions of dollars have been donated to the people, and prayer warriors have been praying over Texas and our nation.

However, weeks later, it was announced that another hurricane, Hurricane Irma, may strike the U.S. again. Irma recently intensified to a category 5 hurricane storm with 175 mph winds.

On Labor Day, Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in response to the hurricane. As of right now, Irma is expected to hit Florida on Friday.

It is unclear exactly how much Hurricane Irma will impact the U.S., confirmed CNN. Even with expert weather predictions, it is too early to tell, but we do know that recovery costs would be outrageous—possibly more than Hurricane Harvey, depending on the intensity of the hurricane when it hits Florida. A recent study suggested that if a Category 4 or 5 hurricane were to hit Florida, the total reconstruction costs for homes could be as a high as $447 billion. 

The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are in the earlier path of the hurricane and expected to be hit by Irma on Wednesday, September 6th. Forecasters have noted that the hurricane’s path could potentially change within the next few days.

Watch the CBS News video below for more information. Please keep those in the path of Hurricane Irma in your prayers.

In other breaking news, a music star was hospitalized over the weekend. He reportedly had to cancel his upcoming shows following the hospitalization.

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