Hurricane Harvey Tragedy: Mother Dies Saving Her Toddler's Life in Flood

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday and has been bringing devastation all throughout Texas since. The Category 4 storm is causing one of the worst floods in U.S. history.

According to, over 17,000 people are seeking refuge in Texas. Since Friday, thousands of houses have been destroyed and dozens of lives have been lost.

On Tuesday, another life was lost as a mother displayed sacrificial love in order to rescue her daughter. The 41-year-old woman was in her car with her daughter when it was struck with high water.

When they exited the vehicle, both were swept away. According to Capt. Brad Penisson of the Beaumont Police Department, a witness saw the woman was attempting to walk her daughter to safety. As they began walking, a swift current of a flooded drainage canal sent them for almost half a mile up the road.

BPD Officer Carol Riley said, “They were in the water for quite some time. When the baby was found the baby was clinging to her. The mother did the best she could to keep her child up over the water.”

Eventually, two Beaumont police officers and two Beaumont Fire Rescue divers spotted the mother floating. The mother was unresponsive when the rescuers reached them.

The BPD statement said, “First responders got to the mother and child just before they went under a trestle. Water was up to the trestle and first responders would not have been able to save the child if they had floated under it.”

Sadly, the mother was pronounced dead shortly after the rescue. The child was in a state of hypothermia, but after hospitalization is now in stable condition.

Riley told People that the woman “absolutely saved the child’s life.” The toddler had a backpack on that was helping her stay afloat, and her mother was able to lift her up high enough to avoid drowning. The mother put the highest priority on her daughter.

The identities of the mother and child are being withheld for the time being, as the father was out of town at the time of the accident and is being notified.

Please be praying for the father and child who just lost their wife and mother, respectively. Share your thoughts and prayers for all of the hurricane victims on our Facebook post. In other breaking news, a Hollywood celebrity just agreed to donate a staggering $1 million to help victims.

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