Hunter Speaks Out After Own Dog Shots Him in the Back

October 31, 2018Oct 31, 2018

Dogs are owned and loved by millions of people across the nation. While some people keep them as pets, others put them to work. Many even choose to train their dogs to help them during hunting season.

Recently, Sonny Gilligan made headlines for an eventful moment with his beloved pup. Gilligan's dog Charlie fired a shotgun from the back seat of his truck and the bullet hit him in the back. 

"Gilligan, of New Mexico’s Doña Ana County, was shot in the back while sitting in the front seat of his parked pickup truck during a hunting trip for jackrabbits with his three dogs — Charlie, Scooter, and Cowboy — west of Las Cruces on Thursday, the El Paso Times reports," writes Fox News.

Luckily, Gilligan survived the shot! Now, his lesson is serving as a warning to other hunters.

“Charlie got his foot in the trigger of the gun and I leaned forward and he slipped off the seat and caught the trigger — and it shot,” Gilligan told the local newspaper. “It was a freak accident but it’s true, that’s what happened.”

Medical professionals have said that Sonny is lucky to have survived the incident. He immediately used his cell phone to call for help. The wound broke several of his ribs as well as his collarbone. The blast first went through his seat before hitting him in the back.

“I was very fortunate I could get to my phone,” Gilligan told the newspaper. “The [Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office] first responders saved my life. If they waited 10 more minutes, I would’ve died. I lost so much blood. I know I actually passed to the other just before getting to the hospital but they were able to revive me through CPR and bring me back.”

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