Hunter Sets New World Record After Finding 'Deer of a Lifetime'

January 23, 2019Jan 23, 2019

A bow hunter in Canada has just bagged what some people are calling the "deer of a lifetime" after his photos went viral online. The bow hunter, Dennis Bennett, took the record buck this past October.

"The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) announced earlier this week that its member Dennis Bennett smashed a Pope & Young world record when he bagged a non-typical mule deer in October 2018, surpassing the old record by over 16 inches with a high score of 291 1/8," reported Fox News.

The buck looks massive in the photo but was said to be even larger in real life! It is a 5x5 buck (5 points on each antler) but it also has 15 abnormal points on each side. It was taken near the Arm River area of the province.

“Bennett’s Non-Typical Mule Deer entry [is] now another recognized world record harvested from Saskatchewan,” SWF exec Warren Howse said in a press release announcing the news. “It is indicative of the quality of wildlife resources we cherish here in our province.”

Lots of hunters praised Dennis for his awesome harvest. However, some people still found issues with the way he killed the deer. Many feel that archery hunting is inhumane.

Regardless of your position on archery hunting, this buck is a massive specimen! It will be a hard record to beat!

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