Hundreds of Worshipers Drawn to 'Weeping' Tree Over Easter Weekend

April 23, 2019Apr 23, 2019

Easter is one of the most incredible times of the entire year. For Christians, the Easter holiday celebrates the resurrection of our Lord Jesus and establishes his dominating victory over death.

Millions of people around the globe gather in churches to celebrate on Easter. However, some worshippers are being drawn to a specific tree after something remarkable was reported.

A tree in the suburb of Perth, Australia was said to be "weeping" over the Easter weekend. Many believers thought it could be a legitimate sign from the heavens.

"At first, many believed the large tree stump was just leaking rainwater it collected after a heavy pour last week. But when the water continued to flow nonstop through Sunday, many questioned whether it was something altogether more miraculous," reported Fox.

People came from all over to witness the event. One man allegedly stripped off his clothes and bathed in the water of the tree. Specifically, the tree is a gum tree. However, the mystery has just been solved.

The tree was indeed weeping but it wasn't due to a divine circumstance, though some may disagree given the timing around Easter. Officials are now revealing another explanation.

"The roots of the gum tree were squeezing a water pipe located about a foot below the dirt, according to 9News, causing it to crack and fill the hollow tree trunk with water. It's unclear when exactly the pipe burst, but the water didn't stop until a construction crew dug up the roots and replaced the broken pipe," reported Fox.

Officials are checking the area to make sure there aren't any other issues. Some people are saying it is still a "bizarre" event since it took place on Good Friday.

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