Hugh Grant Expresses His One Regret to Fans

June 28, 2018Jun 28, 2018

Hugh Grant has endeared himself to fans across the globe, starring in such blockbusters as “Notting Hill,” “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” and a host of other movies. His ability to play roles with his trademark satirical comic talent has cemented him in a place of modern cinematic lore.

Recently he opened up about the one regret in his life that, looking back, he wished he could have changed earlier. Until May 2018, Grant, 57, had remained a bachelor.

But now that he and Anna Eberstein, 39, have tied the knot, he says he is loving it so much that he wished he would have married much earlier.

“It’s really nice, I can’t pretend it isn’t,” Grant said, according to Fox News. “I should have done it before.”

He added, “I’m just lucky. I’m lucky. I’ve got a great wife. I love her.”

The couple has been together for six years and borne three children together, five-year-old John, and a daughter and baby son whose names both have not been revealed to the public.

Grant also has two other kids, Felix and Tabitha, both from an earlier relationship with Tinglan Hong.

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