Huge Update on Southern Republican Nominee After Fatal Crash, Asks for Prayers

June 25, 2018Jun 25, 2018

On Friday night, a fatal car crash took place involving the Congressional candidate for South Carolina, Katie Arrington. The Republican nominee was with a friend headed to the Hilton Head where she was to be awarded the following morning. Sadly, the friend that she was with was pronounced dead on the scene, and Arrington was rushed to the hospital after sustaining several injuries. 

Now, a major update has been given regarding Arrington's healing process. Thankfully, the doctors said that she is expected to make a complete recovery! She suffered a fracture in her back, several broken rib bones, and many other injuries. However, surgeries have gone well so far and after two more weeks of hospitalization, Arrington should make a full recovery. 

Below are the series of Tweets that Arrington's representative posted after the surgeries took place. 

After the update, Arrington's family asked that everyone continue to pray, especially for the family of Helen White,  the woman who was pronounced dead on the scene. 

Please continue praying for Arrington as she recovers and for the family of Helen White as they deal with this tragic loss. We will continue to update as more information is made available. Share your prayers here! In other, more uplifting news, Joanna Gaines just shared a brand new photo of Baby No. 5 and it's adorable!