Huge News About Meghan Markle That Changes Everything

July 06, 2018Jul 06, 2018

Meghan Markle is easily one of the most recognizable women in the entire world. The former actress has left her life of Hollywood behind in order to marry her real-life prince, Harry.

Their wedding was a highly publicized event. The world watched as the two lovebirds tied-the-knot in May. Everything about their lives is heavily documented and shared on social media. Now, some of Meghan's biggest fans think they have spotted a major change for the newlywed.

According to reports, Meghan is thought to have developed an English accent!

"A viral Twitter video from Meghan’s June visit to Chester seems to show that the Duchess of Sussex has picked up a slight British accent and lilt. Some listeners aren’t totally convinced she has a different accent altogether, pointing out that it seems like simply a change in her inflection as if she’s adopted an English person’s cadence," reported the Huffington Post.

Watch the video below and listen for yourself! Then, let us know if you think you can hear a big change in her voice!

"It’s not a full blown accent but it is coming out here and there. But what do you expect living with and talking to British people for a year? It’s going to happen. People don’t ridicule people for slowly adopting an American accent," wrote one user Twitter.

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