Huge Music Legend Dies After 5 Decades and 65 Million Records Sold

October 25, 2017Oct 25, 2017

One of the biggest legends in the world of music has passed away. Fans were saddened to learn that the iconic artist known as Fats Domino has died.

Fats was 89 at the time of his death. His daughter confirmed that he died peacefully while surrounded by family. We pray for his family during this tough transitional time.

The American singer, pianist, and recording artist pioneered rock and roll and inspired countless artists, including Elvis Presley and The Beatles, according to the Independent.

"Fats is old school to the max — he loved to work the house, do looooong shows and push the piano across the stage with his belly. That innocence is there in his music. He's a good man, and people respond to that goodness. I don't think it was about anything other than the tradition of working the house and what felt good to Fats,” said Dr. John.

Rolling Stone has ranked Fats as the 25th greatest artist of all time. The prestigious award is fitting for someone like Fats, whose career spanned 5 decades and ultimately resulted in his selling of over 65 million records.

Fats was committed to his hometown of New Orleans and lost nearly all his own personal possessions in the tragic floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina. HE had once received the National Medal of Arts from the president but unfortunately lost it in the flood.

“President George W. Bush made a personal visit and replaced the National Medal of Arts that was lost in the debris. His gold records were also replaced,” according to reports.

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