HUGE: Feinstein Moves to Seal FBI Investigation from Public As Ford Story Unravels

October 03, 2018Oct 03, 2018

Senator Dianne Feinstein has spearheaded the opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the United States Supreme Court. However, Feinstein's role in his nomination process is starting to take a turn she probably never expected.

When Dr. Christine Ford first brought her allegations against Judge Kavananugh, she reached out to her national representative, Senator Feinstein. Ford admits she asked for the allegations to remain confidential.

Now, a lot of controversial details have come to light. Ford has contradicted herself on numerous occasions and other witnesses have refuted her claims. As her claims unravel, Senator Feinstein is throwing a desperate "Hail Mary" to save their case.

"CNN reporter Elizabeth Landers noted as much in a tweet quoting committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein. Landers tweeted, '(Feinstein) indicates that the FBI report on Kavanaugh should NOT be made public: ‘It would seem to me that if people are going to be identified this ought to be held very close and not. I think the investigation ought to be closely held,’ she (Feinstein) reiterated,'" according to Western Journal.

Feinstein is also doing her best to stay on top of the FBI investigation and ahead of the media. She has reportedly requested to know every single person the FBI is talking to in connection with the allegations.

"Democrats like Feinstein and Coons had no problem making all of the details of the allegations against Kavanaugh public when they thought doing so would succeed in derailing his nomination, but now that it looks like Kavanaugh will survive the smears and be confirmed to the Supreme Court, they want to keep any exonerating information secret from the public," reported Western Journal.

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