Huge Discovery Made on 2,000+ Yr Old Dead Sea Scrolls of Religious Texts

May 02, 2018May 02, 2018

For the last almost 2,000 years, people have been making pilgrimages to Israel to discover the land that Jesus walked on. For many of those years, however, a huge discovery that changed the course of biblical history had not even been discovered yet, as it was still buried underground.

In the 1950s, a young shepherd boy was tending to his work when he discovered something out of the ordinary- a scroll in a jar. He reportedly took it to the modern equivalent of a pawn shop, where he sold it for an extremely low amount. Later, it was discovered that the jar was worth far more than what he sold if for, because of what was in it- ancient religious texts. Excavations started immediately in the area of Qumran near the Dead Sea in Israel.

Now, several caves have been discovered in various sites, including the infamous Qumran Caves. Archeologists discovered hundreds of scripts of religious literature in the caves, including books found in the Bible as well as other non-biblical texts. In fact, almost every single book in the Hebrew Bible was found.

The scrolls date all the way from the third century BCE to the first century of the Common Era. The discovery of the texts added an enormous weight to biblical history, as it was nearly 1,000 years older than the previous oldest biblical texts ever discovered.

Now, another huge discovery has been made. On Tuesday, NBC announced that NASA technology has revealed that there are certain letters on the scrolls that are invisible to the naked eye.

According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, some of the tens of thousands of fragments discovered had not yet been deciphered, due to the “small size and precarious physical state.”  Now, they believe that some of those fragments are a part of an unknown manuscript.

The new discovery was made by Oren Ableman, who was examining the dozens of fragments that researched had previously been unable to decipher. While studying them, he found “traces of ink on many fragments that appeared blank to the naked eye.”

While some of the fragments, with the new discovery, can be linked to the biblical books of Deuteronomy and Leviticus and the non-canonical book Jubilees, there is at least one fragment that is not associated with anything else. Some of the other fragments are associated with the Temple Scroll and the Great Psalms Scroll.

The new discovery could mean that there is another significant religious text that has yet to be fully uncovered.

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