Huffington Post Goes BALLISTIC Over Trump Maternity Leave Plan, Calls It SEXIST

September 15, 2016Sep 15, 2016

A Huffington Post editor went ballistic, according to BizPacReview, over Donald Trump's six-week guaranteed paid maternity leave plan.

Rather than praising it as a new government social program to "liberate" women, editor Emily Peck had to find something to hate about it because it was coming out of the mouth of Trump.

She called it profoundly sexist.

Peck wrote, “Trump’s solution for struggling American families leaves out men. More than any other problem with the plan … omitting half the population is its profoundest and most revelatory flaw, confirming once again Trump’s antiquated, sexist and harmful worldview: Men work. Women do the child-raising. The end.”

Her comment raises the question: How many women does she know who would much rather immediately go back to their jobs with no time off to recover, leaving the earliest infant childcare and bonding time to their man, regardless of whether or not the woman goes back to her career later and if her baby's father eventually becomes a full-time stay-at-home daddy?

In other words, despite whether you believe government should be ensuring paid maternity leave, how many women does she know who would rather hand their maternity leave time off to their man instead?