Huckabee: “I Will Never Bow Down And Surrender To Obama”

January 06, 2016Jan 06, 2016

“In America we believe in the Constitution, not confiscations, dictatorships or kings, and Obama’s newest assault on the Second Amendment is a blatant, belligerent abuse of power,” Huckabee wrote in a statement on his Facebook page after Obama implemented new gun control regulations without first going through Congress.

“I will never apologize for my firearms, my ammunition or my concealed carry license,” Huckabee wrote.  “I will never apologize for protecting myself, my family or my friends.  I will never apologize for supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Huckabee saved his strongest statements for last.  “And I will never bow down and surrender to Obama’s unconstitutional, radical, anti-gun agenda.  Washington is out of control, and it’s time for a president that puts Americans first.”

Do you agree with Huckabee?