How This Christian Mother Saw Her Daughter Go From Gay To Straight

August 25, 2016Aug 25, 2016

They tell us that being gay is innate: you're either born that way or not. But recent evidence by John Hopkins University suggests that it could have a lot more to do with how one grows up than the LGBT community wants to acknowledge. Life Site News reports of the study: "Data show the LGBT population suffers from higher rates of childhood sexual abuse than those without non-heterosexual tendencies." It can also be because one parent is missing, creating a disordered relationship and a large gap. That's what happened to former female rapper, Venus L. Burton, aka rapper Booski Love.


Venus grew up in a home without her father. She shares her story on “I grew up in a single-parent home,” Burton recounts. “I dealt with a lot of abandonment issues. Not having a father figure, I always wanted to be a daddy’s girl.”

“During my high school years in Norwalk [part of Los Angeles], I was very rebellious and looking for love in all the wrong places. I was dealing with the whole peer pressure thing, and with not having a dad, I became angry.

“As a teen, I got into drugs and alcohol and then, right out of high school, I got into the alternative [lesbian] lifestyle. We make these choices and we choose to do things and so that was one of my choices because there I was accepted by that community and I got attention from them.”


Burton's mom was a Christian, and it was so painful to watch her daughter go down that path. Dr. Lee shares about how she turned to God for her daughter: “We always had a communication, per se, but the main thing I did was that I prayed a lot,” she said. “I would hold all-night prayer meetings every Friday night, interceding for my daughter and my son, not knowing the full thing of my son, and I so dearly wanted the children to be saved and come in the Kingdom.

“The scripture that I stood on was Acts 16: 31, 32, which talks about the jailer who received the Lord and, at that time, he said that he and his house would be saved. So I said, ‘Lord you said that if I were to be saved, you’re also going to also save my children as well. So I stood on those verses and just believed God.”

During those painful years, Burton saw a lot of violence in her lesbian lifestyle.  “It’s only through the grace of God that I’m still alive today,” she shared. “On one occasion, one of these women pointed a gun at me and I knew I was going to die. I could see my life flash right before me, but I believe that God sent another person — one of our friends inside the room where I was — and I was able to leave the house. It distracted her and she put the gun down and I ran out.”

But finally, Dr. Lee had enough of her daughter's rebellion and said some powerful words to her. “I had prayed and fasted for her for 20 years, and just before she got saved this time, one of the things the Holy Spirit told me was to look in her eyes and say, ‘Venus, you know, if you want to continue to do this, you can do so because the Lord spoke to me and said that He was going to wipe away all my tears and when I got to heaven. I’d be in the face of Christ and I won’t even remember you because of the presence of His glory.’

“I told Venus that she had a choice to make, because I knew that I couldn’t make her get saved. God has given us all a free will because we are not robots, so He’ll put before you, life and death, blessings and curses, and He’ll give you the choice.”

That shook Venus up, and God got to her heart.  “What she said was a reality check for me,” Burton shared, “especially when she told me that she wouldn’t even remember me. Sometimes, we do things to hurt others because we’re looking for attention, or to fill a void, but not knowing that only God can fill that void. He’s the only one that can do that.

“When I realized that I was going to be in hell, the Holy Spirit was really working on me. And, I always like to say to those out there that are in ministry, love them with the love of God whether they’re in that lifestyle or drug addicts or prostitutes or whatever the sin may be. Love them with the love of God and watch God change them.”

Burton prayed for forgiveness and gave her life to God, and He took away her attraction to women. “There was no desire or any attraction for a woman, but it was a process on my outer appearance,” she said. “All of the emotion on the inside, all the hurt, all the pain and the disappointments, the betrayal that I went through, and the things that I was feeling that affected my soul being hurt, God began that process and I was changed.”

Now Burton and Dr. Lee are ministering to others, and there's even a movie being made about Burton's story! Praise God for stories like this! It shows that God is more powerful than anything!