How The "GenderBread Person" Wants To Damage The Next Generation

August 08, 2016Aug 08, 2016

If the "Gender Unicorn" wasn't enough, LGBT activists have one more way to entice and confuse kids in their understanding of gender and sexuality. Those two things are some of the most core concepts one can have about his or her identity. They make the foundation for marriage, family, society, and a relationship with God. And the LGBT community wants to confuse the truth for an entire incoming generation.


Meet the "Genderbread Person." This is one more curriculum tool the public schools want to adopt to teach our kids about gender and sexuality, say the Benham Brothers. The conservative twins took to Facebook to warn parents of this dangerous curriculum coming to schools. "What they're trying to do is teach the kids that gender identity is who you go to bed as, and sexual identity is who you go to bed with," they shared in their video.


"We have to stand up for our kids," the brothers advocate. "Let's let everybody know that God is the only answer and we've got to get back to Him."

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