How Obama's Gun Control Could Affect You!

January 08, 2016Jan 08, 2016

Pres. Obama has proposed new gun control restrictions that bypass Congress.  On the face of it, part of it looks reasonable -- to do background checks to prevent terrorists from getting guns.

Here are some of the problems.

1) Most of the recent mass shootings in the US are by people who legally obtained guns.
2) The new proposed regulations has vague language that could call anyone -- even someone selling one gun -- a gun marketer and subject to restrictions.
3) This is another potentially dangerous precedent with the President bypassing Congress with Executive Actions.
4) There is other potentially broad language that says guns could be prohibited from being held by older senior citizens under certain conditions. How broad could this be? Could this be used to prevent millions of senior citizens from defending themselves?
5) A broader concern is this is one more step toward a national gun registry where the government could know everyone who owns a gun and could control who buys what.

By continuing to bypass Congress, with the support of the mainstream media, there is no legislative check and balance on these executive actions.