How Mitt Romney is Preparing For a Return to Politics

January 03, 2018Jan 03, 2018

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is reaching out to several trusted advisers in order to build up a campaign apparatus as 2018 begins. According to Fox Business, Romney is seeking to take the vacated seat left by former Senator Orin Hatch of Utah, who recently announced his upcoming retirement. 

The news media speculates that Romney is prepping to return to politics. One indication is that Romney already seems to be putting together a campaign. This small group his headed by Spencer Zwick, the co-founder and managing partner of the company. 

In a statement to Fox Business, Zwick confirmed that he would love to work for Romney should he decide to run. But ultimately, the decision rests with Romney, and especially with Romney's family, with whom the former presidential nominee is very close with. 

“If he makes that announcement, will I help him? Of course I will,” Zwick said, according to Fox. “As for particular roles, none of that has been decided. [He] has to decide that this is something they want to do first.”

Romney has remained firmly in the Never Trump campaign of the Republican Party, slamming Roy Moore as a "stain on the GOP" and suggesting that the Republican Party will "lose our honor" if an accused sexual abuser of teenage girls can be elected to the US Senate. 

For traditional conservatives who yearn for a viable anti-Trump candidate, Romney's step back onto the national political stage is very welcomed, and as the Washington Post puts it, "cannot come soon enough." Many conservatives want a substantive candidate who displays the Reagan-Bush ethos — somebody who rejects the populist-nationalism currently making massive strides in the GOP.

Other critics, both direct and indirect, of Trump's populist-nationalism, has been John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, and many others, the majority of whom have been utterly unable to convince the base of the Republican Party that a conservative vision for the Republican Party should be embraced.

Similarly, another former presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann, is apparently considering a run for the recently vacated Senate seat previously held by Al Franken, according to Fox News

Bachmann has recently addressed the rumors that she might run for the seat. According to the former representative, there are several people who are currently urging her to run. She claims that she will indeed run if she believes she can have the ability to take her conservative principles to the Senate and be able to successfully advocate for those principles. 

"...the only reason I would run is for the ability to take these principles into the United States Senate and to be able to advocate for these principles,” she said.

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