How Missy and Jase Got Through Their Toughest Time

December 09, 2015Dec 09, 2015

What's the toughest thing you've been through? And what got you through it? For Jase and Missy--part of the Duck Dynasty family--one of the toughest things they faced was their daughter's cleft palate.


But instead of leaving them crushed, it made their entire family stronger.  Missy explains to The Christian Post, "I feel much more mature in my faith. We use this verse a lot ... Romans 5: 3-4. Paul says in Romans 5 that we should joy in our suffering. ... That's like an oxymoron — how can you be happy in your suffering? That doesn't make any sense. But the joy comes through those steps that he talks about. He says we should joy in our suffering because suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope."


Before their daughter's cleft palate condition, the Robertson's had a pretty easy-going existence.  Missy credits the trial with elevating their family's faith. "And so I think, because of Paul's description in Romans 5, I would not be the person I am today without going through that suffering with my child, starting 12 years ago. So, I know that my character has grown, I know that Jason's character has grown. My boys' characters has grown, and I see things in them that would, most likely, not have been in their personality — in their character — had they not had a sister who had some major medical problems in her life. ... I can say that I think we're a better family because of it."

Missy really credits the power of family and community to help get their family through the hard times.  She says, "I don't know how people do it without it. I'm glad I've never had to experience it because it means so much to know that people are praying. Before "Duck Dynasty" I had that [support] in my church and in my spiritual and my physical family. Now, it's overwhelming — the people who are praying [for] and supporting us."

The Christian Post reports, "At 12 years old, little Mia Robertson is a precocious pre-teen who enjoys family, school, friends and competition cheerleading. Missy Robertson said of her daughter, "She is flipping everywhere and pushing herself every single day. People are amazed at the accomplishments that she's made."

The Robertson's faith in God and commitment to their daughter is incredible. What's the hardest time you have been through? What brought you through it? We'd love to hear from you in the Comments! And if you need prayer, please let us know!