How Many Fans Are Willing To Give Up Watching NFL If Protest Continues? It's STAGGERING

September 21, 2016Sep 21, 2016

Distaste over Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem protest is not merely a tiff between patriotic football fans and the San Francisco 49ers player — it's extended to the NFL as a whole.

Yahoo Sports conducted a poll of NFL fans with shocking results.

According to the poll, more football fans oppose Kaepernick's protest than support it. Adults over 55 are especially opposed, and most fans overall think he needs to select a different method for protesting racial injustice. Even among the black community, only 63% are behind him.

And when it comes to how many NFL fans would be willing to turn off their TVs and stop watching entirely if protest continues — especially with more players joining — the number is staggering. A whopping 44% of fans say they'd boycott the NFL.

It's hard to imagine many businesses surviving if they lose 44% of their customers.

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