How Many Electors Are Willing To Switch Vote AGAINST Trump? Answer Is SHOCKING

December 16, 2016Dec 16, 2016

If you want to give a liberal the best early Christmas present they could imagine, it would be a sleigh full of “faithless” Republican electors willing to switch their vote against Trump in order to reduce his electoral votes from 306 to under 270 before the electoral college casts its votes to certify Trump as the election victor on Dec. 19.

There have been numerous pushes across the nation to encourage, demand, and lobby death threats at electors to get them to vote against Trump.

In hopes of finding many who would, the Associated Press conducted an extensive study, interviewing more than 330 electors from both parties.

Here’s how many electors they found willing to switch:


Perhaps that’s why some Democrats have switched to calling for a complete redo of the election due to alleged Russian interference.

Faithful electors had much to say about the barrage of calls they’re getting to break their oath.

"Let me give you the total as of right now: 48,324 emails about my role as an elector," said Fall Creek, Wisconsin elector Brian Westrate.

“Hell will freeze and we will be skating on the lava before I change,” expressed Nashville elector Tom Lawless.

“We got a stack of letters from idiots,” complained Phoenix elector Edward Robson.

Meanwhile, Fox News interviewed one Michigan elector, who is part of a movement to encourage electors to be faithful, and asked him his opinion on the newest Hollywood ad of celebrities pleading with electors to deny Trump the presidency. Watch:

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